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Job Descriptions

Truss Assembler

  • Build wood floors and roof trusses from pre-cut wood components as part of an assembly crew.
  • Manually stage the farm components at the workstation and install the jig.
  • Read the imperial measurements.
  • Use a hammer to secure the connection plates to the truss joints.
  • Make sure the manufactured trusses match the construction sheets.
  • Ensure the quality of the finished product.


  • Operate automated saw to cut lumber into truss components
  • Computer knowledge an asset
  • Read Imperial measurements
  • Ensure quality of cut components

Yard Worker

  • Build I-joist and beam orders
  • Prepare hangers for delivery
  • Ensure built orders match cut lists

Delivery Truck Driver Forklift Operator

  • Loading of finished goods/unloading of raw materials
  • Move to and from Truss Plant and throughout the Yard as directed
  • Ensure driveways are clear of materials and debris


  • Read and interpret architectural and structural drawings.
  • Manage time to meet schedules, prioritize and balance the workload of multiple projects to meet deadlines.
  • Generate plans, submit and design floor and roof systems using timber trusses, I-joists and timber beams for residential, commercial and agricultural applications including required connectors and fasteners as per local building practices and building codes using truss and joist design software.
  • Meet or exceed building code requirements.
  • Consult and communicate with clients, building managers, engineers, architects and contractors.
  • Creative problem solving and innovative design techniques to optimize wood and plate use, minimize saw and jig setups, prevent shipping difficulties, and minimize framing and structural bracing.
  • Ensure complete design includes all cost, fabrication and installation information.
  • Prepare shop drawings and maintain a consistent workflow to the factory.
  • Provide prompt assistance to customers regarding installation or repairs.
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