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Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is a significant improvement over solid wood beams. Problems that naturally occur as solid sawed lumber dries (twisting, splitting, checking, crowning and warping) are greatly reduced. Pound-for-pound, LVL has more load-carrying capacity than solid sawed lumber. The end result is a building material that’s more reliable and high-performing than traditional lumber.

In addition, we offer prompt, courteous customer service. The service team at Structural Truss Systems Ltd. is on call to answer questions and will provide complete product application, installation and warranty information.

Laminated veneer lumber is available at gestionspcstructural. Laminated Veneer Lumber Wood Beams combine engineered lumber with service and support. Builders choose laminated veneer timber for headers, beams, rim board, and edge-forming material. LVL allows for quick installation, set-up time, and labor savings.

For a professional appearance, the smooth face provides a clean finish. Gestionspcstructural’s LVL is more durable, straighter, and more consistent than traditional lumber. Laminated Veneer Lumber in Canada is made by laminating many layers of timber together using technical expertise. LVL is as easy to work with and use as regular timber, yet it will not warp, twist, bend or shrink.

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