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AHEP Adjustable Hip-End Purlin

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The Simpson Strong-Tie® AHEP is a structural purlin that also serves as an installation aid during the truss-erection process. The AHEP attaches to the step-down hip trusses at the leading edge, eliminating the need for drop-top chords and C-stud fillers. The AHEP installs linearly, aligned with the end jacks, to maintain sheathing spacing from eave to hip or peak. Roof sheathing/decking attaches directly to the purlin. Adjustable in length, the AHEP is designed to accommodate a pitch range of 3/12 to 9/12.

Key Features

  • A structural purlin to which sheathing can be directly attached — no need to remove temporary bracing
  • Accurately spaces the installed trusses and helps meet the temporary top-chord lateral restraint recommendations of WTCA/TPI BCSI on step-down hip ends
  • Adjustable in length to accommodate a wide pitch range


  • 20 gauge (33 mil)


  • Galvanized


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes
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