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Auto-Set Driver™ Bit

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Fastening deck boards and trim can result in visible screws which can distract from the beauty of your outdoor project. The Deck-Drive DCU screw plug solution is a complete Hidden Deck-Fastening System designed for use with our premium DCU Composite screws, and consists of DCU Composite screws, DCU screw plugs and the Auto-Set Driver bit (each sold separately).

The Deck-Drive DCU screw plug solution is perfect for hand-drive applications. The Auto-Set Driver bit is compatible with both impact drivers and drills, and drives the DCU screw to the proper depth for installing DCU screw plugs.

Key Features

  • Perfect for hand-driving Deck-Drive DCU Composite fasteners when using DCU screw plugs
  • Designed for use with impact drivers or drills
  • Non-abrasive depth stop to minimize marring the board surface and control drive depth
  • T-20 6-lobe driver bit reduces cam-outs
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