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BPRTUD Bearing Plate

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The BPRTUD is a bearing plate designed to give a bearing surface that helps distribute the load of critical connections. This bearing plate works with the RTUD (ratcheting take-up device) to provide a cost-effective shrinkage compensation solution for continuous rod systems. The BPRTUD is hand-installed with the RTUD on top of it, creating continuous engagement with the rod that enables the system to perform as designed at all times.

Key Features

  • Gives greater bearing surface than standard-cut washers
  • Maintains rod-system tightness, allowing it to perform as designed


  • ASTM A1011 for 3 ga. plates and ASTM A36 for all other thicknesses


  • The BPRTUD should be hand-placed over the threaded rod, fully bearing on the wood plate
  • Once the RTUD device is installed on top and fastener holes are aligned, secure the assembly to the wood plate with the Strong-Drive® fasteners
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