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CC/ECC/ECCU Column Caps

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Column caps provide a strong connection for column-beam combinations.


  • CC3 1/4, CC44, CC46, CC48, CC4.62, CC64, CC66, CC68, CC6-7 1/8, ECC3 1/4, ECC44, ECC46, ECC48, ECC4.62, ECC64, ECC66, ECC68, ECC6-7 1/8 — 7 gauge; all others — 3 gauge


  • Simpson Strong-Tie gray paint. Some products available in HDG, stainless steel or black powder coat; CCO, ECCO — no coating.


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes
  • Bolt holes shall be a minimum of 1/32″ to a maximum of 1/16″ larger than the bolt diameter (per 2015 NDS, section
  • Contact engineered wood manufacturers for connections that are not through the wide face


  • Straps may be rotated 90° where W≥ W2 (see illustration) and for CC5 1/4-6.
  • For special, custom, or rough-cut lumber sizes, provide dimensions. An optional W2 dimension may be specified. (The W2 dimension on straps rotated 90° is limited by the W1 dimension.)
  • CCO/ECCO — column cap only (no straps) may be ordered for field welding to pipe or other columns. CCO/ECCO dimensions are the same as CC/ECC. Weld by Designer.
  • CCOB — any two CCOs may be specified for back-to-back welding to create a cross beam connector. Use the table loads; the load is no greater than the lesser element employed.
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