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CFS Designer™

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Simpson Strong-Tie® CFS Designer™ gives cold-formed steel (CFS) Designers the ability to design CFS beam-column members according to AISI specifications and to analyze complex beam loading and span conditions. Intuitive design tools automate common CFS systems such as wall openings, up to eight stories of interior or exterior load-bearing studs, compression posts for shearwalls, eight stories of stack x-brace or shear wall design,floor joists with unbalanced live-load combinations, and low-wall moment connections. CFS Designer™ allows the design of multiple systems within the same job file, and supports connection design for specific Simpson Strong-Tie® curtain wall and bridging connectors like the SUBH u-channel bridging connector.

Additional features include:

  • Simpson Strong-Tie CFS Designer provides a wall stud and beam stud design tool that allows Designers to model up to 3-span beams with overhangs at each end. Designers can also add a complex array of distributed, sloped, and point loads.
  • CFS Designer automates the complicated design provisions of the AISI CFS Specification. Stress checks include; braced and unbraced moment, shear, web-crippling, axial strength, and all code-required combined interactions. The 2016 w/ S1-18, 2016, 2012, 2010, 2007, and 2004 AISI Specifications are covered by the software.
  • CFS Designer enables the design of single stud and track members, built-up box-sections, back-back sections, nested stud, track sections, and proxheaders. In addition, when CFS members are not a practical solution, the software enables the design of HSS sections according to the AISC 13th Ed.
  • In addition to modeling beam problems, CFS Designer also provides a set of tools that automate the design of wall openings for windows and doors, eight stories of x-braced and sheathed shearwalls, floor joists, roof rafters, up to eight stories of load-bearing studs and provides the design of low-wall moment connections.
  • CFS Designer can simplify your curtain wall connector, anchorage and bridging design. This software automates the design of by-pass connectors, slotted track, slip track, base track as well as SUBH and MSUBH bridging connectors.
  • CFS Designer provides an intuitive user interface that enables the engineer to save engineering models in a single file. Output files are generated in Adobe Acrobat format and can be saved as separate files as needed.
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