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Coupler Nuts

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CNW and ATS-C coupler nuts are used to connect one threaded rod to another and connect to anchor bolts within the Strong-Rod Anchor Tiedown System for shearwall overturning restraint. CNWs and ATS-C coupler nuts exceed the tensile capacity of the corresponding standard-strength threaded rod. ATS-HSC coupler nuts exceed the tension capacity of the corresponding high-strength threaded rod. All couplers have a testing protocol to ensure that the proper loads are achieved.


Zinc plated, ATS-C couplers nuts available uncoated


  1. Tighten the two rods until each all-thread rod can be seen clearly through a Witness Hole.
  2. For transition couplers, thread the coupler onto the larger rod first, and then thread the smaller rod into the coupler.
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