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CP Crush Plate Bearing Enhancer

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The CP transfers load from the truss or girder to plates for bearing limited conditions. Replaces nail-on scabs or in some cases, an additional ply when needed for bearing.


  • See table


  • Galvanized


  • Use all specified fasteners
  • For Case 1, truss plates must be located a maximum of 1/4″ from the underside of the truss chord and a maximum of 1/4″ from the edge of the wall plates in accordance with the reinforcing requirements of 7.5.9 TPIC 2014

Design Instructions

  • Factored resistances are in accordance with CSA O86-14 assuming Qr/Ab and Qr’/Ab’ = 812 psi for D.Fir–L and 615 psi for S-P-F. See clauses 6.5.4 and 7.5.9 TPIC 2014 when compression loads are applied to both sides of truss chord members at bearing locations.
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