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CSC/FSS Ceiling Support Clip / Furring Stabilizer Strap

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Provides 1″ separation between the furring channel and joist to allow for the use of Thermafiber® insulation and the attachment of the furring channel to all joists. Provides an efficient sound barrier, and a one-hour UL-listed fire rating.

  • UL-listed. See Underwriters Laboratory, Inc. Design No. L530 for USG gypsum board and Weyerhaeuser/TJI® joists.
  • Check ICC-ES reports for individual I-joist manufacturer approvals.


  • 24 gauge (minimum)


  • Galvanized


  • For CSC, use (1) 0.131″ x 1 1/2″ nail
  • For FSS, use #8 self-tapping steel screw (not provided) into channel, twist 90°, bend upward and fasten to the side of joist bottom flange with screw or nail

Thermafiber® and TJI® are registered trademarks of US Gypsum Company and Weyerhaeuser, respectively.

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