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CSD/DSD Split-Drive Anchors

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The Split-Drive anchor is a one-piece expansion anchor that can be installed in concrete, grout-filled block and stone. As the anchor is driven in, the split-type expansion mechanism on the working end compresses and exerts force against the walls of the hole.

Key Features

  • Available in countersunk (CSD) and duplex-head (DSD) styles
  • DSD anchor can be removed with a claw hammer for temporary applications


  • Carbon steel


  • Zinc plated; mechanically galvanized


  1. Drill a hole in base material using a 1/4″-diameter carbide-tipped drill. Drill hole to specified embedment depth and blow clean using compressed air. (Overhead installation need not be blown clean.) Alternatively, drill hole deep enough to accommodate embedment depth and dust from drilling. Position fixture and insert split-drive anchor through fixture hole.
  2. For CSD, 3/8″-diameter fixture hole is recommended for hard fixtures such as steel. For DSD, 5/16″-diameter fixture hole is recommended.
  3. Drive anchor until head is flush against fixture.


Oversized holes in the base material will greatly reduce the anchor’s load capacity. For CSD, embedment depths greater than 1 1/2″ may cause bending during installation.


(CSD only): Industry studies show that hardened fasteners can experience performance problems in wet or corrosive environments. Accordingly, use these products in dry, interior and non-corrosive environments only.

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