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DBC Drywall Bridging Connector

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Work smarter, not harder
Patented design allows for one- or two-screw installation of the DBC, significantly reducing labor and material cost. The first and only connector load rated for 3/4″ u-channel, the DBC joins the SUBH line of bridging connectors tested as a system, ensuring that published design capacities capture the influence of stud web depth and thickness.

Key Features

  • Most applications require only a single screw
  • Designed for 3/4″ u-channel to fit smaller web knockouts common to drywall studs
  • Compatible with drywall stud depths of 3 5/8″ and 6″ with 1 1/2″ wide knockouts


  • 33 mil (20 ga.) carbon steel


  • Galvanized (G90)


  • With 3/4″ x 54 mil (16 ga.) u-channel installed through the stud web knockouts, insert the DBC2.5 through the knockout so that the DBC slots engage the stud web and the DBC flanges engage the u-channel as shown in the illustration
  • Use the specified number of #8 screws to fasten the DBC to the u-channel

Ordering Information

  • DBC2.5-R200 (Bucket of 200)
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