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Deck-Drive™ DCU COMPOSITE Screw

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The Deck-Drive DCU Composite screw is engineered to provide beautiful fastening results for all types of composite decking while also offering greater ease of installation, a clean finish and superb corrosion resistance. The Deck-Drive DCU is the go-to-screw for all your composite decking applications, eliminating the need to mix and match screws to the decking.

Deck-Drive DCU Composite decking screws are available in carbon steel with our Quik Guard® coating. For superior corrosion resistance in marine or high-exposure environments, choose the appropriate stainless-steel DCU screw (Type 305 or Type 316). DCU screws provide a clean finish because of their special head design and are available in 11 colors, matched to blend with most major decking manufacturers. These are bulk screws, also available collated for the Quik Drive® auto-feed screw driving system.

Key Features

  • Available in carbon steel, as well as Type 305 and Type 316 stainless steel for high to severe levels of corrosion resistance
  • Tri-lobe thread design reduces damage to the composite board while driving
  • Inverted upper threads clear excess material to ensure the screw is seated properly and consistently
  • Double-cut point penetrates composite decking with ease for faster starts
  • Cap-head prevents mushrooming and material from rising up above the deck for a smoother, clean-looking installation
  • 350-count screws install approx. 100 sq. ft. of decking with framing at 16″ on-center spacing
  • 1,750-count screws install approx. 500 sq. ft. of decking with framing at 16″ on-center spacing
  • Approved fastener (by Trex®) for Trex composite decking
  • See Composite-Decking Color Cross-Reference chart
  • Replacement bit part number: BIT20T-2-RC3


  • Fastening composite decking boards
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