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Deck-Drive™ DWP WOOD SS Screw

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The Deck-Drive DWP Wood SS screw is a powerful fastening solution for deck, dock and general exterior applications where extra corrosion protection is needed. With its specially-designed sharp-point and unique box-threads, the DWP is ideally suited for the majority of wood used in today’s deck boards. Choose Type 316 stainless steel for seaside and coastal environments. Available in hand-drive and in collated strips for use in our Quik Drive® auto-feed screw driving system.

Key Features

  • Unique “box” thread design with raised-ridge technology greatly reduces driving torque, which allows you to drive more screws on a single battery charge
  • Specially designed sharp point penetrates hard wood products with ease
  • Use with wood, engineered wood and polymer materials
  • 6-lobe drive offers a secure bit fit resulting an easy drive and long bit life
  • Choose Type 316 stainless steel for seaside applications
  • For load-rated DWP Wood SS screws, please refer to the Strong-Drive® DWP Wood SS screw


  • Decking, docks and boardwalks; finishing, millwork and trim

Product Includes

  • 6-lobe bit included: T-20 uses BIT20T-2; T-25 uses BIT25T-2; T27 uses BIT27T-2
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