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DETAL Dual Embedded Truss Anchor

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The DETAL provides an engineered method to attach single-ply trusses securely to concrete and masonry walls. This high-capacity embedded truss anchor combines dual embedded anchors with a structural moisture-barrier seat that serves to protect the truss and also provide additional lateral and uplift capacity. The embedded anchors of the DETAL are preattached to the moisture barrier through slots that allow some adjustment during installation to avoid rebar.

Key Features

  • Tabs at each end of moisture-barrier seat, for optional attachment to the form board in concrete tie-beam applications
  • Moisture-barrier seat is partially embedded in the concrete or grout
  • The strap can be installed straight or field-bent around truss or rafter members
  • Load rated for wind and seismic forces


  • 16 gauge (barrier — 18 gauge)


  • Galvanized


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes.
  • Embedded 4 1/2″.
  • Installed centered and flush on top of an 8″ masonry bond beam or concrete tie beam. The moisture-barrier seat bears on masonry face shell or concrete tie beam form boards; the two flanges embed into grout or concrete. The two embedded anchors shall be installed vertically into grout or concrete.
  • For mislocated truss anchors greater than 1/8″ but less than 1 1/2″ from the face of the truss, a shim must be provided. Shim design by Truss Engineer. When gap is greater than 1 1/2″, install new anchors.
  • Minimum spacing between the anchors to achieve full load is twice the embedment.
  • In double anchor installations, install anchors with spoons facing outward and straps spaced no more than 1/8″ wider than the rafter/truss width. Do not install nails where the straps overlap when wrapped over the rafter/truss.
  • For lateral loads listed, the lowest four nail holes must be filled.
  • Straps do not need to be wrapped over the rafter/truss to achieve tabulated loads, unless noted otherwise.
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