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DHUTF Top-Flange Fire Wall Hanger

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Engineered and tested to perform, Simpson Strong-Tie® hangers are manufactured to the highest quality standards for structural strength and safety. The DHUTF top-mount hanger is designed to carry joist floor loads to a wood stud wall over two layers of 5/8″ gypsum board (drywall). This hanger installs after the drywall is in place.

Key Features

  • Available to order skewed up to 45°.
  • Testing verifies that the DHUTF hangers do not reduce the two-hour fire wall assembly rating in either 2×4 or 2×6 walls.
  • DHUTF fire wall hangers are code listed for structural use under ICC-ES ESR-2552.
  • Hangers have been tested according to ASTM E814 and received F (flame) and T (temperature) ratings for use on one or both sides of the wall in Intertek Design No. SST/WPCF 120-01. If hangers are installed on both sides of the wall, then it must be a 2×6 wall.


  • 12 gauge


  • Galvanized


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes.
  • Strong-Drive® SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws are provided with the hanger.
  • Drywall is installed first.
  • Wall top plates must be restrained to prevent rotation. Where gravity load on top of wall is less than 150 plf, use a stud-plate tie connector at the back of each stud or provide equivalent restraint by another method as determined by designer.
  • Upper plate splices must occur at a stud location.


  • May be ordered skewed up to 45°. Use 75% of the table downloads and 50% of table uplift loads.
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