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DSSCB Bypass Framing Drift Strut Connector

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The solution to accommodate building drift, the DSSCB, is used to support cold-formed steel bypass framing to the edge of a floor slab. The DSSCB also simplifies installation by allowing installers for panelized construction to install finished panels while working off the top of the slab without the need to predrill or preinstall anchors for each clip. It also eliminates the coordination difficulties associated with pre-anchorage of standard bypass clips. With prepunched slots and round holes, the DSSCB is a dual-function connector that can be used for slide-clip and fixed-clip applications.

Key Features

  • The clips come in lengths of 3 1/2″, 6″ and 8″.
  • Prepunched slots provide a full 1″ of both upward and downward deflection.
  • Precision-manufactured shouldered screws, provided with DSSCB connectors, are designed to prevent overdriving and to ensure the clip functions properly.
  • Works with 13/16″ and 1 5/8″ strut channels as given in the accompanying figures. Common manufactured brands are Unistrut®, PHD and B-Line. Struts are not supplied by Simpson Strong-Tie.
  • The maximum slide-clip standoff distance is 3 1/16″ for 13/16″ struts, 3 7/8″ for 1 5/8″ struts and 2 1/4″ for concrete inserts.
  • Depending on the application and the designer’s specifications, struts can be either mechanically anchored, welded or cast in place.
  • Pre-engineered design solutions are provided for channel strut anchorage.
  • Tabulated design values are based on assembly testing to mitigate risk for designers, engineers and architects.
  • Optional precast concrete inserts for flush mounting.
  • Optional drift stopper, DSHS, for clip alignment flexibility (where drift not required).


  • DSSCB — 97 mil (12 ga.), 50 ksi; DSHS — 97 mil (12 ga.), 33 ksi


  • Galvanized (G90)


  • Use the specified type and number of fasteners

Ordering Information

  • The DSSCB43.5-KT25, DSSCB46-KT25 and DSSCB48-KT25 contain 25 connectors and enough shouldered screws for installation. The DSHS-R100 contains 100 connectors.
  • Note: Replacement #14 shouldered screws for DSSCB connectors are the XLSH78B1414-RP83.
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