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Fascia-Fastening Solution™

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The Simpson Strong-Tie® Fascia-Fastening Solution consists of the counterbore bit and fascia screw, and is specially designed to securely fasten composite and PVC fascia while providing superior corrosion resistance. The Fascia-Fastening Solution allows for the expansion and contraction of installed fascia boards and thus prevents failures as a result of exposure to environmental conditions.

Fascia Screw

  • The Type 316 stainless-steel fascia screw is driven through the predrilled and counterbored fascia material and securely into the substrate material
  • Additional space around the shank of the fascia screw allows for the expansion and contraction of the fascia board
  • For use with 1/2″–3/4″-thick fascia boards
  • Available in 12 colors to match major manufacturers’ fascia material
  • Approved for attachment of Trex® Fascia Boards

Counterbore Bit (sold separately)

  • Use of the fascia counterbore bit is crucial to proper installation of the fascia board
  • The fascia counterbore bit bores a hole through the fascia material that is wider than the shank of the fascia screw
  • The bit countersinks so the head of the screw is flush with the material surface

Key Features

Fascia Screw

  • Type-17 tip for fast starts
  • Type 316 stainless steel provides severe-level corrosion resistance
  • Low-profile pancake head resists pullover (available in 12 colors)
  • Underhead chamfer for increased shear resistance
  • Deep T20 6-lobe recess for reduced cam-outs (bit part number: BIT20T-2-RC3)

Fascia Counterbore Bit (sold separately)

  • Bores space larger than screw shaft to allow for board expansion and contraction
  • 1/4″ arbor fits standard drill bits


  • PVC and composite fascia board installations

Product Includes

  • Fascia screws include a 6-lobe BIT20T-2 driver bit


Easy and efficient. Use the fascia counterbore bit to predrill the oversized, counterbore holes into your fascia material. Refer to the spacing diagram in the Gallery, Installation tab.

  1. Starting at the upper left corner, position the first hole 2″ from the upper and left edges (top left corner). Then continue predrilling holes every 24″ on center, with the final hole positioned 2″ from the right edge. Repeat this process, starting 2″ from the bottom and left edges (bottom left corner), but place the second hole 12″ from the first and then stagger predrill holes every 24″ after that, with the final hole 2″ from the bottom and right edges.
  2. Using a drill-driver motor with torsion setting adjusted to drive the screw flush with the board surface, install fascia screws into each hole. Do not overdrive or over tighten.
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