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FCB Bypass Framing Fixed-Clip Connector

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The FCB clip is an economical, high-performance fixed-clip connector that can be used for a variety of framing applications. It is rated for tension, compression, shear and in-plane loads and offers the designer the flexibility of specifying different screw and anchorage patterns that conform to desired load levels.

Key Features

  • Rated for tension, compression, shear and in-plane loads
  • Provides design flexibility with varying screw and anchorage patterns that achieve different load levels
  • Strategically placed stiffeners, embossments and anchor holes maximize connector performance


  • 54 mil (16 ga.)


  • Galvanized (G90)


  • Use the specified type and number of anchors.
  • Use the specified number of #12 self-drilling screws to CFS framing. Note that #10 self-drilling screws can be used per the load tables below.

Ordering Information

FCB43.5-R25, FCB45.5-R25, FCB47.5-R25, FCB49.5-R25 and FCB411.5-R25 contain:

  • Box of 25 connectors (screws not included)
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