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FX-225 Non-Shrink Underwater Grout

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FX-225 Non-Shrink Underwater Grout is a high-strength, non-metallic, non-segregating grout designed with special anti-washout admixtures, corrosion inhibitors and polymers. FX-225 can be pumped or tremied underwater to grout FX-70® fiberglass pile jackets and as a structural repair mortar for formed applications above and below water without dewatering.

CSI Specification

03 01 00 Maintenance of Concrete

Key Features

  • Flowable and pumpable
  • No dewatering or cofferdams required
  • Shrinkage compensated
  • Bonds well to concrete
  • May be extended with clean, washed nominal 3/8 in. (9 mm) pea gravel
  • Ready to use—simply add potable water
  • Suitable for saltwater marine applications


  • Concrete repairs in marine structures
  • Underwater grouting applications
  • Pile jacket repairs with the FX‑70 structural pile repair and protection system
  • Seawall repairs without dewatering
  • Form and pour repairs above water


  • 0.47 ft.3 (0.013 m3) per 55 lb. (24.9 kg) bag
  • 0.64 ft.3 (0.018 m3) per 55 lb. (24.9 kg) bag extended with 30 lb. (13.6 kg) of pea gravel

Storage Conditions

Store dry between 40 and 95°F (4–35°C)

Shelf Life

  • 1 year in unopened packaging


  • 0 g/L


  • 55 lb. (24.9 kg) bag (FX225)
  • 2,500 lb. (1134 kg) bulk bag (FX225-B2500)
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