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FX-406 Zinc-Rich Primer

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FX-406 Zinc-Rich Primer is a single-component, fast-drying, zinc-rich coating designed to protect steel from corrosion by combining a barrier coating with the sacrificial galvanic protection of zinc.

CSI Specification

03 01 20 Maintenance of Concrete Reinforcing

Key Features

  • High zinc content provides superior corrosion protection of steel
  • Excellent bond to steel
  • Can be shop or field applied
  • Ready to use — simply stir and apply
  • Single-component product
  • Fast drying


  • Priming reinforcing steel to protect against corrosion
  • As a corrosion‑resistant steel primer for protective coating systems

Application Rate

  • 4–5 mils DFT total applied in two coats
  • 300–400 ft.2/US gal. (7.3–9.8 m2/L) per coat depending on surface profile
  • 775–1,000 lin. ft./US gal. (60–80 m/L) for #4 rebar
  • 600–825 lin. ft./US gal. (45–65 m/L) for #5 rebar



Storage Conditions

Store dry between 40° and 95°F (4°–35°C)

Shelf Life

2 years in unopened packaging


356 g/L


1 US quart (0.94 L) can (FX406‑QT)


  • This product is covered by the Simpson Strong-Tie RPS Product One-Year Limited Warranty, which is available at strongtie.com/limited-warranties or by calling Simpson Strong-Tie at (800) 999-5099
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