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H2.5T Hurricane T-Shaped Strap

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The H2.5T single-sided hurricane tie is designed to resist moderate loads at the rafter/truss-to-top-plate connection. As part of a continuous load path, the H2.5T resists both lateral and uplift loads. H2.5T ties are available in left- and right-hand models and can be installed in pairs.

Key Features

  • The top flange features an arrow line indicator to aid correct installation
  • Use also for a variety of connections where one member crosses another
  • Also used with wood truss 2×4 bottom chords


  • 18 ga.


  • Galvanized (G90)


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes.
  • Shipped in equal quantities of right and left versions.
  • Hurricane ties can be installed with flanges facing inward or outward.
  • Hurricane ties do not replace solid blocking.
  • When installing ties on plated trusses (on the side opposite the truss plate) do not fasten through the truss plate from behind. This can force the truss plate off of the truss and compromise truss performance.
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