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HCA Hinge Connectors

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Hinge connectors are designed to transfer loads between two beams aligned end-to-end through a combination of bearing plates, side plates and bolts. In addition to supporting vertical loads, hinge connectors can also be specified with additional slotted bolt holes to resist horizontal loads as part of a continuous load path. They can also be ordered to accommodate dapping or notching on the top of the beam. See Hinge Connector Specifier Guide.


  • Side plates — 7 gauge; top and bottom plates — see PT dimensions in Allowable Download table


  • Simpson Strong-Tie gray paint


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes
  • Bolt holes shall be a minimum of 1/32″ and a maximum of 1/16″ larger than the bolt diameter (per 2015 NDS
  • The model size (suffix) column in the Allowable Download table gives the basic HCA model with two rotation bolts
  • Contact Simpson Strong-Tie for heights greater than 60″
  • Position 3/4″-diameter bolts in slots away from bearing seat to allow for wood shrinkage


  • The Horizontal Load table gives other bolt options

Ordering Information

  • To order, add the width (W) and bearing plate size (PD) designation after the model name. Specify the H dimension.
  • For dapped beams, reduce the H dimension by the PT dimension for each dap. See Hinge Connector Specifier Guide.
  • Specify model no., model size and height H. Ordering Example: HC4C3TA5-6 H = 18″.
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