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LBAZ Light Bent Hanger, Zinc-Coated

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The LBAZ is a top-flange hanger for solid sawn lumber applications. This cost-effective hanger is designed to support light-to-medium loads while providing uplift. The zinc-coated LBAZ has been load rated for use with a 2x or 3x nailer if required.

Key Features

  • The unique two-level embossment provides added stiffness to the top flange
  • Acceptable for weld-on applications
  • Engineered with increased uplift loads for earthquake or high-wind loading


  • 14 gauge


  • ZMAX® coating


  • Use specified fasteners; see General Notes and nailer table notes.
  • May be welded to steel headers with weld size to match material thickness. The minimum required weld to the top flanges is a 1 7/16″ fillet weld to each side of each top-flange tab. Distribute the weld equally on both top flanges. Welding cancels the top and face nailing requirements. Consult the code for special considerations when welding galvanized steel. The area should be well-ventilated (see General Instructions for the Installer, note k, for welding information). Weld-on applications produce the maximum allowable download listed. For uplift loads, refer to technical bulletin Top-Flange Hangers Welded to Structural Steel Members (T-C-WELDUPLFT).
  • Ledgers must be evaluated for each application separately. Check TF dimension, nail length and nail location on ledger.
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