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LGUM/HGUM Heavy-Duty Face-Mount Beam/Girder Hangers for Concrete and GFCMU

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High-capacity beam or girder hangers for concrete or masonry applications. Installation is made easier using Strong-Drive® SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws (provided) into the wood member and Titen HD® anchors (provided) into the masonry.


  • See table


  • Galvanized. Some products available in stainless steel. Refer to engineering letter L-C-CMUHGRSS.


  • Use all specified fasteners (included).
  • Attach hanger to a concrete or grout-filled CMU wall using Titen HD anchors. Note the following:
    – Drill holes using drill bits equal in diameter to the specified Titen HD anchor.
    – Holes shall be drilled 1/2″ deeper than the specified Titen HD length (i.e. 4 1/2″ for a 4″-long Titen HD anchor).
    – Caution: Oversized holes in the base material will reduce or eliminate the mechanical interlock of the threads with the base material and will reduce the anchor’s load capacity.
  • Titen HD is not recommended for exposed exterior applications.
  • Provide moisture barrier between beam and wall per jurisdictional requirements.


  • For HGUM only — Other seat widths available. Order as “X” version.
  • HGUM available with one flange concealed. See tables for reduced load at end of wall and outside corner.
  • LGUM/HGUM available in skews up to 45°. See Hanger Options.
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