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MFAB Anchorage Assembly


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Simpson Strong-Tie offers the preengineered MFAB anchorage assembly as an alternative to the MFSL. Preengineered solutions include additional concrete reinforcement to provide a complete solution meeting the 2009, 2012, 2015 and 2018 International Building Code® requirements for both tension and shear. These solutions require that the column be installed in from the edge of the concrete, on either a slab or curb, and develop the full allowable shear capacity of the frame.

MFAB anchorage assemblies are fully assembled and include a template which allows easy positioning and attachment to forms prior to the pour. Inspection is easy since the head is stamped with the “No Equal” (≠) symbol for identification, bolt length, bolt diameter, and optional “H” for high strength (if specified). Models using high-strength anchors are designated with -HS.


  • Concrete must be thoroughly vibrated to ensure full consolidation of the concrete around the assembly.
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