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MSC Multiple-Seat Top-Flange Connector

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The MSC supports the ridge and two valleys for roof construction. Ideal for dormer roof applications.


  • Top flange — 3 gauge; stirrups — 11 gauge (MSC2 and MSC1.81), 7 gauge (MSC4 and MSC5)


  • Simpson Strong-Tie gray paint. HDG available; contact Simpson Strong-Tie.


  • Distribute the total load evenly about the centerline to avoid eccentric loading
  • Fasten all built-up members together as one unit
  • Net height will be calculated based on specified valley member depth and slope by the factory unless noted otherwise

Sloped and/or Skewed Valleys

  • The valley stirrups can be sloped down to 45° and skewed from 25° to 45°. (MSC5 skewed 20°–45°.)
  • Reminder: Hip and valley slopes are typically much different than roof slopes. See the online Slope and Skew Calculator for assistance in computing slopes and skews.
  • The total design load of the hanger is split between the ridge (20%) and each valley (40%).
  • MSC connectors can be used for two valley connections with no ridge member. Divide the total load by two for each valley load.
  • Hip/valley connections and many combinations of joist sizes, slopes and skews can be manufactured (refer to MSC Multiple Seat Connector Special Order Worksheet, T-MSC-WS).
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