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MTH Underlayment Screw

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Prevents Squeaks by Holding Underlayment Tight
The MTH Underlayment screw is designed for fast and secure underlayment to subfloor installations. Unlike nails, the MTH Underlayment screw has an intricate thread pattern designed to prevent squeaking by holding underlayment tight to the subfloor and thus preventing pull-out. Its compact trim-head allows for a flush surface and prevents floor coverings from settling in countersink recesses.

Key Features

  • Deep recessed square drive holds bits tight, reducing cam-outs
  • High-low thread for easy driving and holding underlayment tight
  • Specially designed sharp point for fast starts
  • Trim-head with nibs for easy countersinking


  • Wood underlayment to wood

Product Includes

  • Driver bit BIT2S-2-RC3
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