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NRUZ Hanger

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The NRUZ series of retrofit hangers is designed specifically for use on nailers on steel trusses. Like the original RUZ for glulam purlins, the new NRUZ are designed specifically to fit around existing Simpson panelized roof hangers such as the F or HFN series.

In some cases, existing panelized roof hangers may need replacement due to excessive gapping, damage incurred during field erection or corrosion from roof leaks or condensation. The NRUZ allows you to quickly and effectively match the capacity of these hangers without having to remove the original connectors or disassemble the roof.

When installed with no more than a 1/8″ gap between the original hanger and the purlin, the NRUZ series provides equal or greater capacity than Simpson’s F, HF and HFN series hangers. See load table for data on gaps greater than 1/8″.


  • 16 gauge


  • ZMAX® coating (G185); see Corrosion Information


  • Use all specified fasteners. See General Notes.
  • Tightly install NRUZ hanger around existing panelized roof hanger.
  • Install fasteners as referenced in tables.
  • If retrofitting corroded hangers, the cause of moisture intrusion into the roof system must be determined and resolved before the hangers are installed.
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