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PA Purlin Anchor and Strap-Tie Holdown

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The PA is a solution for wood-to-concrete and wood-to-masonry connections which satisfies code requirements. The PA is designed to connect roof purlins to a concrete wall as a purlin anchor or to connect studs to the foundation as a strap-tie holdown. The PA features a dual-embedment line for ease of installation.

Key Features

  • Minimum embedment line indicators for both concrete and masonry installations
  • Nailing pattern optimized for narrow face of nominal 3x or double 2x wood member
  • Low design profile minimizes visibility


  • 12 gauge


  • Galvanized or ZMAX® coating


  • Use all specified fasteners; some models have extra fastener holes. See General Notes.
  • Purlin anchor must hook around rebar.
  • Allowable loads are for a horizontal installation into the side of a concrete or masonry wall.
  • Strap may be bent one full cycle (bent vertical 90°, then bent horizontal).
  • PA51/PA68 — for additional length, an MST strap can be attached using 1/2″ bolts through existing holes.

Edge Distance — minimum concrete edge distance is 5″. Minimum concrete-block left-to-right edge distance is 20″.

Concrete Block Wall — the minimum wall specifications are:

A — one #4 vertical rebar, 32″ long, 16″ each side of anchor
B — two courses of grout-filled block above and below the anchor (no cold joints allowed)
C — a horizontal bond beam with two #4 rebars, 40″ long, a maximum of two courses above or below the anchor
D — minimum masonry compressive strength, f’m = 1,500 psi

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