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PVC Trim-Board Screw

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The PVC Trim-Board screw is a special-purpose fastener engineered for easy installations of exterior PVC trim and fascia onto wood. The fastener’s triple-thread design allows for low-torque driving and increased holding power. The box-shaped cutter head bores through PVC materials, stripping away excess during countersinking, while the flat-washer underhead provides for less board pull-through and a clean, flush finish.

The PVC Trim-Board screw is available in a white exterior-grade coating that provides medium-level corrosion resistance, making it ideal for outdoor applications where the fastener blends into popular white PVC trim.

Key Features

  • Unique box-shaped cutter head
  • Triple-thread design for low-torque driving and holding boards securely
    • Optimized-thread pattern draws members together tightly
    • Low-torque threads for easy driving
    • High-low threaded tip for fast starts
  • 6-lobe drive provides secure engagement with the screw for easy installations and longer bit life — T20 bit included
  • White exterior-grade coating blends with popular white trim boards
  • T20 6-lobe drive (replacement bit model BIT20T-2)
  • U.S. Patent Pending

Simpson Strong-Tie internal test results indicate that the PVC Trim-Board Screw provides higher pull-through resistance than other trim-head screws.


  • PVC trim and fascia applications
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