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Quik Drive® Auto-Set Driver™ Bit

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Fastening deck boards and trim can result in visible screws which can distract from the beauty of your outdoor project. The Deck-Drive DCU screw plug solution is a complete Hidden Deck-Fastening System designed for use with our premium DCU Composite screws and consists of DCU Composite screws, DCU screw plugs and the Auto-Set Driver bit (each sold separately).

The Deck-Drive DCU screw plug solution is perfect for hand-drive applications, as well as with Quik Drive auto-feed screw driving systems. For large applications where numerous deck screws will be installed, we recommend using a Quik Drive PRO300SG2 decking system with the Quik Drive Auto-Set Driver bit installed, and the Quik Drive depth gauge set to maximum. The Quik Drive system and Auto-Set Driver bit will then be able to drive the DCU screw to the proper depth.

With the Quik Drive PRO300SG2, deck installations are faster and more ergonomic, with less back and knee strain.

Key Features

  • Perfect when using DCU screw plugs with DCU Composite screws that are being installed using the Quik Drive PRO300SG2 Decking System
  • T20 6-lobe driver bit reduces cam-outs
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