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RCKW Kneewall Connector

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The Simpson Strong-Tie RCKW rigid connectors have been developed to resist overturning moment at the base of exterior kneewalls and parapets as well as interior partial-height walls. The RCKWS is a heavy 7-gauge stiffener that nests onto the RCKW clip. The screw holes and anchor holes in the stiffener line up with those in the RCKW clip, making fastener and anchor installation a snap. The RCKW clip and RCKWS stiffener are sold separately.

Key Features

  • Anchorage legs incorporate stiffened flanges, improving overturning moment resistance
  • Large-diameter anchor hole accommodates 1/2″-diameter concrete screws and wedge anchors, such as the Titen HD® heavy-duty screw and the Strong-Bolt® 2 wedge anchor
  • For the RCKWS: 7-gauge stiffeners are secured to the RCKW clip with screws, optimizing overturning moment resistance and stiffness


  • RCKW and RCKWS: 171 mil (7 ga.), 33 ksi


  • Galvanized (G90)


  • Use all specified screw fasteners.
  • When using the RCKWS, secure the stiffener to the clip with the specified screw fasteners.
  • Use all specified anchors. To achieve tabulated stiffness values, the installation torque for 1/2″-diameter anchors shall be at least 17 ft.-lb.
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