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S/LS Light-Duty Skewable Angle

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The S/LS connector is a general-utility, field-skewable, reinforcing angle with multiple uses including connecting roof rafters to hip rafters at different angles. The angle is load rated, providing the correct thickness and number of fasteners for the specifier, unlike field-fabricated clip angles. The S/LS angle also has well-defined fastener locations, and testing ensures that the tabulated load values account for connection eccentricities.

Key Features

  • Field skewable from 0° to 135°
  • Perfect for attachment of members intersecting at angles


  • 43 mil (18 ga.)


  • Galvanized (G90)


  • Use all specified fasteners
  • Bend one time only
  • CFS framing must be constrained against rotation when using a single S/LS per connection
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