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Self-Drilling Flat-Head Screw with Wings

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Use this screw for securing wood, plywood and fiber cement to steel (up to 0.209″ thick). Wings bore through wood to create a clearance hole so piece does not climb up shank and then break off as they engage with steel.

Key Features

  • Flat countersunk head with self-countersinking nibs.
  • #3 square drive (replacement bit model BIT3S-2).
  • Machine screw thread, threaded full length.
  • Shank slot enhances thread formation in steel and removes exhaust.
  • Wings above drill point provide clearance hole in work piece so it won’t climb up the shank; wings break off as point engages the steel substrate.
  • 2 1/2″ length for 2x wood; 2″ length for 1″ and 5/4″ boards.
  • Type 410 stainless steel is coated for additional corrosion protection.
  • Type 410 stainless steel can be hardened through heat treatment, giving it the ability to drill through metal. It does not offer the same level of corrosion resistance of either Type 316 or 305 stainless steel.


  • Fasten wood, plywood and fiber cement to steel — up to 0.209″ thick


  • Hardened stainless-steel fasteners should not be used with steel framing in environments with high humidity, condensation or other moisture that will be present at the dissimilar-metal interface
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