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SET-3G™ High-Strength Epoxy Adhesive

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SET-3G is the latest innovation in epoxy anchoring adhesives with high design strength and proven performance. SET-3G is a 1:1 ratio, two-component, anchoring adhesive for concrete (cracked and uncracked). SET-3G installs and performs in a variety of environmental conditions and temperature extremes.

Key Features

  • Exceptional performance — superior bond strengths permit ductile solutions in high seismic areas
  • Design flexibility — improved sustained load performance at elevated temperature
  • Jobsite versatility — can be specified for all base material conditions when in-service temperatures range from -40°F (-40°C) to 176°F (80°C)
  • Recognized per ICC ES AC308 for post-installed rebar development and splice length design provisions
  • Code listed for installation with the Speed Clean DXS, dustless drilling system without further hole cleaning
  • Wire brush hole-cleaning system for conventional blow-brush-blow cleaning method for anchoring
  • With higher bond strengths, ductile solutions can often be achieved with SET-3G in high seismic areas
  • Low-odor formulation
  • 1:1 ratio, two-component, high-strength, epoxy-based anchoring adhesive formula
  • When properly mixed, SET-3G will be a uniform gray color
  • Suitable for use in cracked and uncracked concrete
  • Suitable for use in dry, water-saturated or water-filled concrete
  • Use with threaded rod or rebar
  • Substrate installation temperature from 40°F (4°C) to 100°F (38°C)
  • In-service temperature range of –40°F (–40°C) to 176°F (80°C)
  • For best results, store between 45°F (7°C) and 90°F (32°C)
  • 24-month shelf life
  • Volatile organic compound (VOC) — 2 g/L
  • Manufactured in the USA using global materials
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