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SSB Bypass Framing Slide-Clip Strut Connector

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The SSB connector is a versatile strut connector that is commonly used at the bottom of a steel beam to accommodate large standoff conditions. It accommodates 1″ of upward and 1″ of downward movement.


  • 54 mil (16 ga.)


  • Galvanized (G90)


  • Use the specified type and number of anchors.
  • Use the specified number of XLSH34B1414 #14 shouldered screws (included). Install shouldered screws in the slots adjacent to the No-Equal® stamp.
  • Use a maximum of one screw per slot.
  • If the SSB intrudes on interior space, it can be trimmed. The trimmed part shall allow an edge distance from the center of the nearest anchor to the end of the trimmed part of 1/2″ or greater.

Ordering Information

SSB3.518-KT contains:

  • Box of 25 connectors
  • (83) XLSH34B1414 #14 shouldered screws

Note: Replacement #14 shouldered screws for SSB connectors are XLSH34B1414-RP83

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