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Steel Strong-Wall® Anchor Bolt Templates

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Steel Strong-Wall anchor bolt templates are designed to help accurately locate SSWAB preassembled anchor bolts. These anchor bolt templates simplify installation and greatly reduce the likelihood of voids in the concrete. The Steel Strong-Wall anchor bolt templates are reusable and designed to work with the common foundation types used for Steel Strong-Wall shearwalls.

Key Features

  • Accurately locates anchor bolts for Steel Strong-Wall shearwalls
  • Templates can be used with various anchor bolt models
  • Variety of templates to fit all application needs


  • Anchorage for: standard application on concrete foundation; garage portal systems on concrete foundations; first-story wood floor systems; balloon framing on concrete foundations; two-story stacked on concrete foundations; cold formed steel on concrete foundations


  • Installation of Steel Strong-Wall anchor bolt templates varies by application
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