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Steel Threaded Rod

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Strong-Rod fully threaded rod (all-thread rod) is the tension transfer element that can be used within both the Anchor Tiedown System for shearwall overturning restraint (ATS) and the wind uplift restraint (URS) system. Fully threaded rod is available in standard-strength, high-strength and higher-strength rod material in diameters up to 2″.

Key Features

  • Fewer anchor bolts and fasteners, along with easy access to the top and bottom of the wall, result in more efficient installation
  • Design procedures that account for cumulative overturning
  • An easy-to-use anchor bolt template for concrete contractors
  • Preattached steel studs and predrilled holes where framers and electricians need them for wiring
  • No bearing plates to install; walls can be placed flush against a corner
  • Uses the same anchor bolt templates as single-story installation
  • Compression loads transferred by nut/rod


  • Standard (Model ATR_) – ATSM F1554 Grade 36, A36 or A307
    min Fy = 36 ksi, min Fu = 58 ksi and not to exceed 80 ksi
  • High-Strength (Model ATS-HSR_) – ASTM A449 Type 1, may be used for 1″ diameter and under
    min Fy = 92 ksi, min Fu = 120 ksi
  • High-Strength (Model ATS-HSR_) – ASTM F1554 Grade 105 or A193 B7, may be used for all diameters
    min Fy = 105 ksi, min Fu = 125 ksi
  • Super High-Strength (Model ATS-HSSR_) – ASTM A354 Grade BD
    min Fy = 130 ksi, min Fu = 150 ksi
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