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Strong-Drive® SDWV SOLE-TO-RIM Screw

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The Strong-Drive SDWV Sole-to-Rim screw may be used to attach a sole plate to a rim board. The SDWV Sole-to-Rim screw coating is intended for dry service, low corrosion applications and is suitable for use with FRT in medium-corrosion, dry-service applications.

Key Features

  • Large 0.400″-diameter head for increased holding power
  • Fast-start point with helical ridge for fast, easy, low-torque installation
  • Tested in wood and engineered wood
  • Variable thread design, optimized for 2x dimensional lumber
  • U.S. Patent 6,074,149


  • Sole-to-rim attachment

Product Includes

  • Replacement driver bit: BIT25T-2
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