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Strong Frame® Anchorage Template

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Anchorage placement is the most critical phase of a moment frame installation. The provided templates make anchor-bolt placement easy and reduce the chance of misplaced anchor bolts. The templates are sold as part of the moment frame shear-lug kit or the moment frame anchor-bolt kit. These pre-assembled anchorage assemblies make the placement of anchor bolts quick and easy. Simply locate the first leg of the moment frame and nail the template to the wood forms with arrow pointing to center of the frame. Hook a tape measure on the center-line slot and then pull the tape to locate the center of the opposite leg of the moment frame. Center line marks on the templates make for accurate placement

The template is also sold separately for use with field-assembled anchor bolts that allow customized anchor-bolt design while still providing the accuracy of using a template.

Product Notes

  • Anchorage size can vary based on project specific design requirements. Refer to project plans for anchorage specification.
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