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Strong-Wall® Wood Shearwall

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The Strong-Wall wood shearwall is a prefabricated, engineered-wood panel that helps structures resist lateral forces such as those created by earthquakes and high winds. This code-listed shearwall is suitable for residential, multi-family and light-frame commercial construction and in balloon-framing applications up to 20′ in height. Designed with easy installation in mind, this wood shearwall is field adjustable with the ability to be trimmed and drilled onsite.

Key Features

  • Narrow panel widths provide significantly high allowable loads
  • Designed for easy anchor bolt installation and inspection
  • Reusable templates locate the required holdown anchor bolts accurately in the foundation for easy installation


  • Standard and balloon framing; garage portal systems; first story floor systems; and two-story stacked-on concrete foundations

Product Includes

  • Top-of-wall shear transfer plates; nuts; washers; installation instructions


  • Vertical panel — TimberStrand® LSL


  • Holdowns at the bottom — powder-coated orange; top-of-wall connection plates — G90 galvanized
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