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SUR/SUL/HSUR/HSUL Skewed 45° Face-Mount Hangers for Solid Sawn Lumber

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The SU and HSU series of hangers are skewed 45° left or right. Angled nail slots direct nails for proper installation.


  • SUR and SUL — 16 gauge; HSUR and HSUL — 14 gauge


  • Galvanized. Some products available in ZMAX® coating. See Corrosion Information.


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes
  • These hangers will normally accommodate a 40° to 50° skew
  • Illustration shows left and right skews SUR/L (SUR = skewed right; SUL = skewed left)
  • The joist end may be square cut or bevel cut


  • Available with the A2 flange turned in on the 2-2x and 4x models only (see illustration)
  • To order, add “C” (for concealed) to the product name
  • For example, specify HSURC46, HSULC46, SURC46 or SULC46
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