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TBE Truss Bearing Enhancer

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The TBE transfers load from the truss or girder to plates for bearing-limited conditions and provides exceptional uplift capacity. It replaces nail-on scabs that provide lower load transfer, or in some cases, an additional ply when needed for bearing. One size works with any number of girder plies.

The table lists allowable loads for TBE4 used on 2×4 and TBE6 used on 2×6 top plates. The table gives the different loads calculated for TBE with and without wood bearing. See Fastener Schedule and Alternate Installation tables.


  • 18 gauge


  • Galvanized; see Corrosion Information


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes.
  • TBE must be installed in pairs.
  • Top-plate size is 2×4 for TBE4, 2×6 for TBE6. Use alternate installation for TBE4 and TBE6 on larger plates or pre-sheathed walls. See alternate installation table.
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