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THAI Adjustable Hanger

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Designed for I-joists, the THAI has extra-long straps and can be field-formed to give height adjustability and top-flange hanger convenience. Positive-angle nailing helps eliminate splitting of the I-joist’s bottom flange.


  • THAI-2 — 14 gauge; all others — 18 gauge


  • Galvanized


  • Factory-order the THAI-2 for hanger width needed. See table for allowable widths.
  • Use all specified fasteners. Verify that the header can take the fasteners specified in the table.
  • Web stiffeners are required for all I-joists used with these hangers.
  • When a total of 20 face nails are used in THAI straps, or 30 face nails are used in THAI-2 straps, the maximum load-carrying capacity is achieved.
  • Reduce load given by allowable nail shear capacity for each nail less than maximum.
  • A minimum nailing configuration is shown for top nailing installations. The strap must be field-formed over the top of the header by a minimum of 2 1/2″.
  • Uplift — lowest face nails must be filled to achieve uplift loads.
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