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WB/WBC/TWB/RCWB Wall Bracing

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Simpson Strong-Tie wall bracing products offer effective options to resist racking during construction. While these straps are not designed to replace a structural panel shearwall load-carrying component, the RCWB and WB/ WBC may be used as a cost-effective and faster-installation alternative for the IRC 1×4 let-in wall brace requirements.

The WBC (coiled WB) multiple product dispenser pack weighs less than 40 pounds, making storage and transportation easy. WB106C — 15 pieces per roll, WB126C — 12 pieces per roll, WB143C — 10 pieces per roll.

The RCWB features a rolled edge (the TWB has two rolled edges) for extra strength and safety.


  • WB and WBC — 16 gauge; TWB — 22 gauge; RCWB — 20 gauge


  • TWB galvannealed; all others galvanized


  • Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes.
  • Install nails through the flat face of the TWB.
  • WB and WBC:
    • Install in “X” pairs or in opposing “V” fashion.
    • Use with 16″ or 24″ o.c. 2×4 (min.) studs.
  • RCWB and TWB:
    • Use with 16″ o.c. studs.
    • Use minimum of 2×4 studs with TWB.
    • Use minimum of 2×6 studs with RCWB (2×4 min. for interior, non-bearing wall).
    • Establish a run-line using the bracing as a straight edge. Single cut a saw kerf 5/8″ deep (TWB) or 1 1/8″ deep (RCWB) along the run line. If the wall is pre-framed on the floor, place the part into the saw kerf, and put one nail into the top plate. Tilt the wall up and plumb before nailing off top plate, bottom plate and studs according to the nailing schedule.
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