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WBAC Wood Backing Steel Connector

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The WBAC wood backing steel connector is the ideal solution for connecting wood backing to cold-formed steel studs. Perfect for cabinets, shelves, handrails, heavy wall hangings and more, this versatile connector installs easily and provides tested strength. The WBAC is designed to eliminate alignment issues and reduce installation time. Since stiffness and strength are critical for these applications, the fastening pattern into both steel and wood has been engineered to optimize performance.

Key Features

  • Simple installation using prepunched holes allowing the same screw to be used for both wood backing and stud attachment
  • Not limited to just a 1 5/8″ flange, the WBAC has been tested to accommodate 1 1/4″ flanges, 1 5/8″ flanges and 2″ flanges
  • Works for any stud spacing, predetermined or typical stud spacing not required
  • Sight lines to guide installation alignment
  • Unique rolled support bottom tabs provide extra strength and stiffness


  • 33 mil (20 ga.), 33 ksi


  • Galvanized (G90)


  • Attach to grade lumber or 5/8″ fire-rated board
  • Use WBAC162 for 1 1/4″ and 1 5/8″ flanges, and WBAC200 for 2″ flanges
  • Drywall stud (1 1/4″ flange): Align top of connector with markings and attach using (4) #8-18 modified truss-head self-drilling screws to stud flange and (3) #8-18 modified truss-head screws to each wood block
  • Structural studs (1 5/8″ and 2″ flange): Attach using (4) #8-18 modified truss-head SDS screws [(2) to stud flange, (1) to lip, and (1) to web] and (3) #8-18 modified truss-head screws to each wood block


  • Testing performed in accordance with ICC-ES AC261
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