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WBP-KT Bearing Plate Kit

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The WBP wood-beam plate is for projects where the rod run attaches to wood beams. The center hole of the bearing plate has internal threads to receive the threaded rod from above, and the plate spreads the load across the underside of the wood beam. Two SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws (provided with the kit) are to be installed through the WBP fastener holes and into the wood beam to support the self-weight of the bearing plate and rod above. This eliminates the need for an additional smaller bearing plate and nut on the top side of the beam. This unique connection also provides a fixed point at the very bottom of the rod run, allowing the take-up devices above to address shrinkage of all the wood framing including any from the wood beam itself. The heavy hex nut provided with the WBP is required to fully engage the tensile capacity of the rod above.


  • ASTM A36


  • Gray primer
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