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Weak Story Tool

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The Weak Story Tool with Simpson Strong-Tie® Strong Frame Moment Frames is an enhanced version of the original Weak Story Tool shown in The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) document FEMA P-807, “Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Multi-Unit Wood-Frame Buildings with Weak First Stories”. FEMA P-807 describes procedures for the analysis and seismic retrofit of vulnerable wood-frame buildings that are common in Northern and Southern California and the Pacific Northwest. The Weak Story Tool assists in performing the analysis outlined in FEMA P-807 with the aid of a CAD interface to account for the locations and structural properties of the various lateral load resisting elements before and after retrofitting. The enhanced Weak Story Tool with Simpson Strong-Tie® Strong Frame Moment Frames combines the convenience of designing a variety of retrofit solutions that include Strong Frame® special moment frames with a simplified method for cost evaluation.

  • Familiar functionality built on FEMA’s original Weak Story Tool featuring a CAD-like graphical interface to layout walls and Strong Frame® Special Moment Frames
  • Seamless sizing, and specifying of standard and customized Strong Frame® Special Moment Frames and the appropriate Yield-Link™ Structural Fuse within the tool for FEMA P-807 solutions
  • Building analysis summaries including evaluation data, shear-wall and moment frame backbone curves, and performance data
  • Save electronic files that can be opened in the Strong Frame® Moment Frame Selector software for anchorage design
  • Ability to enter building properties and geometry for more than one level
  • Calculates and tabulates structural properties and locations of sheathing assemblies and moment frames
  • The option to choose the probability of exceedance for retrofit acceptance from 5% to 50%


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