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WP Welded Purlin Hanger

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The WP is designed to support joists on purlins or beams in cold-formed steel applications. This top-flange hanger offers exceptional flexibility and versatility with the ability to be skewed up to 84° and/or sloped to a maximum of 45°. The WP is an economical choice with a low installed cost requiring only (1) #10 screw for attachment to the joist and a weld to the header.

Key Features

  • Features a solid, one-piece top flange that provides extra stability in panelized roof applications


  • Stirrup — 97 mil (12 ga.)


  • Simpson Strong-Tie® gray paint. Some models available hot-dip galvanized; specify HDG. See Corrosion Information.


  • Hangers may be welded to steel headers with 3/16″ and 1 1/2″ fillet welds located at each end of the top flange


  • W and H dimensions are modifiable

Sloped and/or Skewed Seat:

  • May be skewed to a maximum of 84° and/or sloped to a maximum of 45°.
  • For slope only, skew only, or slope and skew combinations, the allowable load is 100% of the table load.
  • Specify the slope up or down in degrees from the horizontal plane and/or the skew right or left in degrees from the perpendicular vertical plane. Specify whether low side, high side or center of joist will be flush with the top of the header.
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